Using the Workshop

People using the workshop are invited to post blog entries about their ideas, experiences and what they are working on.


Birthday and Diploma*

So finally I did it. My Diploma presentation was nice and I really
enjoyed meeting so many friendly people who came.
Thank you so much again, Aileen to host me in the Workshop! I so appreciate.
What remains after all is a book and the audio track.

But there are news again!
Join us, to celebrate the Workshops Birthday.
The Workshop is 2 years now. So we celebrate on 22nd of November 2014.
There will be music, cake and more!
Come around, join us!

All the best,



Hello you!
When I first came to the Workshop in the Main Square I derived much pleasure by an charming atmosphere. Between the two inner courtyards flooded with light, Aileen welcomes guests from all over the world, with a warm smile and an open mind for new ideas.


Lou @ Werkstatt am Hauptplatz

Since almost two weeks now I’m occupying the nice living room in the Workshop – feeling already at home and comfortable there!

I’m doing an internship at the memorial place Hartheim for the month of September, that’s why I needed a place to stay in Linz. A friend in Vienna told me about Aileen and the Workshop and I got very exited about this interesting project and contacted Aileen, asking if I could use the couch for one month….And she said Yes! ☺


Exciting develpments in the Werkstatt

The photos and frames are ready, the hole in the floor is being repaired now - the setting up of the exhibition is already underway.

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