Werkstatt am Hauptplatz - Workshop in the Main Square

In the middle of the main square of Linz, in the historical building Ehrenletzbergerhaus, a new space is created: A project space, a working space, a temporary atelier for artists, a free space for creative work of all kinds - a workshop.

The Werkstatt am Hauptplatz comprises two rooms, which can be used separately or together: a big, relatively square room about 35m2, which is mostly empty but can be very flexibly adapted, and a smaller, rectangular room of about 25m2, which is furnished with a tea kitchen, a table, and a comfortable sitting area. The sofas can also be transformed into beds to provide simple overnight accommodation. There is wireless internet access as well as a bathroom with toilet and a shower.

Possible uses are:

  • Rehearsal room for small dance, theater or performance groups and the like
  • Work on projects from all areas of visual art
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Readings, seminars, presentations for a small group
  • Common working space for co-operation projects with the possibility of accommodation for people coming from outside the city
  • Quiet working room for guests of small initiatives and independent groups in Linz
  • Unlike an "Artist-in-Residence" atelier, such as the Salzamt or OK - Offenes Kulturhaus, the Werkstatt am Hauptplatz is intended for short-term and periodic use. It is first and foremost opened to young, independent or developing Linz art and cultural groups. However, special attention is given to trans-regional co-operations.

    The workshop is managed as a project of Aileen Derieg Translations. It is not profit oriented, but the long term goal is a financially self-sustaining project.
    Since the target groups generally have limited resources, we will seek financial assistance at least at the initial stage. The conditions for using the workshop should be flexible enough to accommodate the resources of the users.

    The project manager is the translator Aileen Derieg , who is well established in the Linz art and cultural scene and also has an excellent international contacts from working for nearly twenty years in the international field of art and culture. A part-time employee of the translation office will spend part of his working hours on the workshop.

    Between 1987 and 2011, 113 baroque instruments were built by Peter Hütmannsberger in his Werkstatt am Hauptplatz. These instruments are still being played all over the world and can be heard on numerous CDs: The music remains, but following the sudden death of Peter Hütmannsberger in November 2011, due to a fatal climbing accident, the workshop is now to be opened for new creative activities.