Artist in Residence: Ágnes Kilyénfalvi

On the weekend the Viennese artist Ágnes Kilyénfalvi arrived in Linz to begin her stay for the summer as Artist in Residence in the Workshop. Thus begins a new experiment, namely a more long-term and ongoing use of the Workshop. Since Ágnes is naturally also interested in contact with local artists in Linz, she will think about what other kinds of uses might also be possible during her stay, such as meetings, discussions, accommodation – that is all part of the experiment.

Ágnes studied ceramic art at the Viennese Art School, graduating last year just before the school was sadly closed. In addition to ceramics and textile art, she also works with music, photography, film and installations. She already has many plans for what she wants to do during her stay in the Workshop, and we look forward to seeing how she progresses.