Coming to a close

It’s time for action now. Before I hand over the keys on 30 December, the Workshop has to be completely cleared out and cleaned.

Considering that the Workshop has been offered as a large empty room for the past three year, a considerable amount of stuff has come together: furnishings, mementos, forgotten things … Now it all has to be sorted, distributed, disposed of, cleaned … So this is a last call for help.

We will be working on clearing out the Workshop on three weekends in December. If you have time and you would be willing to help, please enter your name here:

Naturally everyone is also welcome, who only has a little time or decides spontaneously to come by.

As it appears now, neither the building management company nor the current generation of building owners who have inherited the house have any interest at all in anything that has happened in this space. They are apparently only interested in trying to get more money out of me, which makes me very sad. For that reason, I would be all the more grateful not only for active support in clearing out the Workshop, but also for memories, encouragement, any stories that people would like to share.