Exciting develpments in the Werkstatt

The photos and frames are ready, the hole in the floor is being repaired now - the setting up of the exhibition is already underway.

During this preparation for the exhibition, my admiration keeps on growing for the wonderful people I am privileged to work with, who regularly prepare, set up and hold exhibitions. It takes many people to do that well, and although I am very aware of that, it is still good to experience it again. It may well be that not everything runs smoothly, is not organized and communicated perfectly in this exhibition, but I'm looking forward to it. And I am quite sure it will be very, very beautiful.

The exhibition "In theviolin-maker's workshop - in memoriam Peter Hütmannsberger" will be opened on Thursday, 22nd November, at 19:00, and will be on-going until 1st December 2012. Anyone who wishes to see the exhibition after the 22nd should please contact me (office@werkstatt-am-hauptplatz.at) in order to make sure that someone will be there to when you visit.

However, the exhibition will be closed for a couple of hours on the 29.11 as well as 30.11. The workshop is already booked on these days. On Thursday, 29.11, the group "Frühling 2012" will hold an open meeting as a kind of "indoor picnic". It is exciting to welcome this particular group as the first guests in the Workshop - may it continue just like that.

On the next day, Friday, from 14:00 - 17:00, the workshop will be at the disposal of the "Mädchen Projekt" by Maiz. It is very important for me personally that groups from Maiz will be able to use the workshop and feel comfortable here.

On 12.12.12, we will bring the whole world to the workshop: On this day, starting at 18:00, we will be a "Node" for the Cyberperformance festival. “121212 Upstage”

As diverse and exciting as the first uses of the workshop are, which exactly correspond to what I had imagined and hoped for, another aspect has come up a few days ago. Maya Mckechneay, a film-maker and a former colleague at Crossing Europe, wrote last week to inform me that she, along with eight other film directors, has been invited to work on a joint film project. The idea is to present different people and projects that strive to realize their ideal conception of the world and our society in our everyday lives. I feel very honored that Maya wants to use the Workshop as a theme for her work.

When Maya visited me on Saturday in the workshop, it was a great pleasure to be able to tell her about my plans for the workshop, which texts from my translation work - e.g. from Isabell Lorey - serve as a background for me. I am thrilled with both the idea of this film and the prospect of being a small part of it, but thinking about how it will actually be implemented raises some questions.

To be able to film what is going on in the workshop, obviously a camera-team has to be there - be it the opening of the exhibition or during the Picnic by Frühling 2012 all the way to the Upstage festival. I trust Maya to be sensitive enough to realize what is appropriate and what is not, but how will the dynamics change as a result of the presence of a camera team? It is important for me that we reflect on how best to deal with the situation. How our perception is altered in everyday life through the omnipresence of recording devices has been a very important topic for me for a long time. However, I am pleased that Maya is not only just interested in documenting what is going on in the workshop, but also in the ideas behind it and the possibilities the workshop presents.

It is very exciting - and we are getting started.