Lou @ Werkstatt am Hauptplatz

Since almost two weeks now I’m occupying the nice living room in the Workshop – feeling already at home and comfortable there!

I’m doing an internship at the memorial place Hartheim for the month of September, that’s why I needed a place to stay in Linz. A friend in Vienna told me about Aileen and the Workshop and I got very exited about this interesting project and contacted Aileen, asking if I could use the couch for one month….And she said Yes! ☺

So here I am: Happy about this nice place with its charming atmosphere, where I get to know people but have also my privacy, happy about the uncomplicated communication that has been there before and now between me and Aileen, happy about getting to know some very amiable and open people and a little bit of Linz!

I didn’t know Linz at all before my arrival here (Except a short tour through the old town and a lunch at Café Meier once). And because the internship takes me more that 40 hours the week and I’m coming home tired sometimes, I couldn’t say that I already know it a lot better… But thanks to some interesting conversations that I had during my stay since now, I feel like getting little puzzle-pieces of what’s going on.

So whenever you want to pass by at the workshop and have a chat or whenever you want to share your tips and tricks for Linz, come over! – I would be very happy!