March in the Workshop

Following a delightful evening with Die Zebras in the Workshop the end of February, Serkan Caglar opened his beautiful, moving exhibition “Rest of Myself” the first week in March. Both evenings brought so many, very different guests to the Workshop – a pleasure every time.

Starting 11 March we welcome Lab on Stage back to the Workshop. Adriana Torres Topaga & Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli will be conducting new experiments until the end of March – and we’re curious to see what comes out this time.

In between, however, on Friday, 20 March, they will make room for a concert: Bauer-Schläger-Wurf-Berger and Fudkanista will fill the Workshop that evening with music and text and text and music:

April then marks the start of a new experiment for the workshop: the Viennese ceramics and textile artist Ágnes Kilyénfalvi will take over the Workshop as “Artist in Residence” for a longer term use.