If you would like to use the Workshop, please send the information listed below to
with the subject line: Request
Formats we prefer are: plain text, .odt or .pdf
We will get back to you as soon as possible about the feasibility of your project.

Please include the following information:

  • Contact: email, telephone
  • Brief description of what you want to do
  • Dates/Time: Are these dates/times fixed or flexible?
  • What kind of setup do you need? (e.g. tables, bed, wifi, refreshments, etc.)
  • Why you think the Workshop would be appropriate for your project

The Workshop is operated as a project of Aileen Derieg Translations, but the long-term goal is for the Workshop to become self-sustaining. Although money is needed for rent, overhead, etc., there are also many other ways of contributing to maintaining the Workshop, e.g. cleaning, fixing things, furnishings, paperwork, taking care of other guests, graphics and content contributions, etc.

  • What kind of contribution could you make to help maintain the Workshop?