News from the Workshop

News From the Workshop

Now in the Workshop

This is what is currently going on in the Workshop, how it is being used now, what is planned for the near future.


Coming to a close

It’s time for action now. Before I hand over the keys on 30 December, the Workshop has to be completely cleared out and cleaned.

Considering that the Workshop has been offered as a large empty room for the past three year, a considerable amount of stuff has come together: furnishings, mementos, forgotten things … Now it all has to be sorted, distributed, disposed of, cleaned … So this is a last call for help.



Ende, Neubeginn, Weitergehen

Den seit 1987 bestehenden Mietvertrag habe ich bereits gekündigt, bis Ende des Jahres muss die Werkstatt am Hautplatz vollständig ausgeräumt werden. Wie kam es dazu, wie geht es jetzt weiter?




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