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Lab on Stage - Skin Tableaus

We like to share with you the last works created
at Werkstatt am Hauptplatz

Next Wednesday
Werkstatt am Hauptplatz
Hauptplatz 4

Experiments around the human body, skin and movement.
Looking for meeting you there!


Lab on Stage
Adriana Torres und Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli


Invitation Open Lab

INVITATION_OPEN LAB: Experiments around body, space and materials. We would like to share the work we're doing at the "Werkstatt am Hauptplatz".

WHEN. Next Tuesday 22.10
PLACE. Hauptplatz 4, 2. Stock
TIME: Between 17:00-20:00


Lab on Stage on Facebook

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Day 4 "Lab on stage" / Mousy Compositions

Using "old forgotten hdi interfaces - mice" for making new relationships with the human body.

Thanks to Erwin for the mousy support.

Some pics:
lab on stage Day 4


Day 3 "Lab on stage"

We would like to write more about what is happenning here, (we would enjoy your visit too!) it is exciting to experience how one can change space and the relationship with the body and architekture using objects which usually don't get our attention, ending just in the garbage.

Repetition, matrix, consum...

Day 3 Lab on Stage



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