Coming to a close

It’s time for action now. Before I hand over the keys on 30 December, the Workshop has to be completely cleared out and cleaned.

Considering that the Workshop has been offered as a large empty room for the past three year, a considerable amount of stuff has come together: furnishings, mementos, forgotten things … Now it all has to be sorted, distributed, disposed of, cleaned … So this is a last call for help.



Ende, Neubeginn, Weitergehen

Den seit 1987 bestehenden Mietvertrag habe ich bereits gekündigt, bis Ende des Jahres muss die Werkstatt am Hautplatz vollständig ausgeräumt werden. Wie kam es dazu, wie geht es jetzt weiter?



Artist in Residence: Ágnes Kilyénfalvi

On the weekend the Viennese artist Ágnes Kilyénfalvi arrived in Linz to begin her stay for the summer as Artist in Residence in the Workshop. Thus begins a new experiment, namely a more long-term and ongoing use of the Workshop. Since Ágnes is naturally also interested in contact with local artists in Linz, she will think about what other kinds of uses might also be possible during her stay, such as meetings, discussions, accommodation – that is all part of the experiment.



Lab on Stage - Skin Tableaus

We like to share with you the last works created
at Werkstatt am Hauptplatz

Next Wednesday
Werkstatt am Hauptplatz
Hauptplatz 4

Experiments around the human body, skin and movement.
Looking for meeting you there!


Lab on Stage
Adriana Torres und Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli


March in the Workshop


Following a delightful evening with Die Zebras in the Workshop the end of February, Serkan Caglar opened his beautiful, moving exhibition “Rest of Myself” the first week in March. Both evenings brought so many, very different guests to the Workshop – a pleasure every time.



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